• Bayview Elementary

    SAC Minutes-November 19,2020


    Attendance: Tim Krajewski (SAC chair), Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Green, Mrs. Frost (Principal), Mrs. Guerrero, Mrs. Decker, Mrs. Khan, Mrs. Michaels, Mrs. Bretz, Ms. Almeida, Mrs. Larkin, Carly Heyler, Andrew Grub, Scott Travis

    A meeting of the Bayview Elementary School Advisory Council was held on November 19, 2020.  Mr. Krajewski called the meeting to order at 2:19 pm. Mrs. Khan will record the minutes for this meeting.

    • Minutes reviewed and Mrs. Green made a motion to accept the minutes.
    • Accountability Funds-Presently there are $4,464.23 in the fund. Two proposals were made to use the funds.
    1. FSA camp (virtual and in person e-learning camp)
    2. Reflex Math ($3,295.00 for the whole school). Frost informed the committee she may have the funds to get this program for the school (Accountability funds would not need to be used for this).

                 Mr. Grub informed the committee that in order to vote for the use of the funds, we must have a physical quorum. A meeting will be held next month to make proposals and to hold a vote for these funds.

    • Principal’s Report- Please see the attachment from Mrs. Frost.
    • SAF (School Advisory Forum)- no report
    • Business Report - no report
    • Next meeting will be held in December.
    • Larkin made a motion to adjourn at 2:48 pm.