• Security Updates


    All visitors coming on campus must report to the single point of entry with photo identification.  No visitors will be allowed on campus without proper identification.  

    ID Badges

    Students will receive temporary ID badges and lanyards on the first day of school.  Students must wear ID badges at all times while on campus or participating in school-sponsored activities.  Students will take pictures for their 2019 photo ID badge on picture day, August 30th.  Permanent badges will be issued shortly thereafter. 

    If a student loses their photo id badge, they will be issued a duplicate badge at a replacement cost of $5.  Please see a detailed description of Olsen MS's ID badge policy located in your students' first day packet and on our website.

    Bike Registration

    All students that plan to ride a bike to and from school must complete and return the bike registration form that they will receive in their grade level assemblies during the first week of school.  The bike registration form must be returned to Mr. Medina, security specialist, before August 27th.  No bikes will be permitted on campus that are not registered after that date.


    Supervision is provided 30 minutes before and after school or school sponsored events.  Our regular hours of supervision are from 6:45 AM to 2:15 PM.  Students that are not involved in a school sponsored activity or aftercare program must leave campus within five minutes of dismissal.  Students not picked up by 2:15 PM will be brought inside and assigned to an aftercare program.