Pick Up & Drop Off

  • Controlling School Traffic is Essential for Safety

    Students should be picked up and dropped off at the car loops only. Parents wishing to park should walk their children to the front gate. Parents are not allowed to walk their children to their classrooms.


    Arrival and dismissal procedures are designed to make both arrival and departure smooth and safe for our students. Parents are requested to review these procedures with their children. Please note, early dismissals are to be requested prior to 1:30 p.m.

    Teachers must be notified in writing if a student will be taking transportation home that deviates from the normal routine. Please send it as a hard copy instead of email. If written notification is not received, the student will go home in the usual way.

    Students should check to ensure they have all necessary materials/books prior to dismissal and should not return to the classroom once they have left the building.


    In cases of serious illness or emergency circumstances, early dismissal is permitted. Identification will be required before a student is released to an adult. The child will be signed out in the front office. Students will be released only to a parent or other individuals who have been authorized by the parent as specified in the school records. If a parent wishes for the child to be released to an additional person, that request must be received in writing.

    It is very difficult to dismiss students during the last portion of the day. In order to promote a safe and orderly dismissal for all of the children, a student will not be dismissed between 1:30 - 2:00 p.m.

    **An accumulation of tardiness, early sign outs and absences (excused or unexcused) for all or any part of the school day establishes patterns of non-attendance. The Code of Student Conduct gives detailed information and further explanation regarding the attendance policy.


    During the year, there will be designated Early Release Days to allow for instructional planning and training. Please check your calendar for specific dates. On these days, students will be dismissed at 12:00 p.m. Parents must make arrangements for their children to be picked up at that time. Unless the students are enrolled in the After School Program at Fox Trail Elementary, no supervision will be provided after dismissal.


    An emergency dismissal is a situation that requires the evacuation of the building and children to be sent home prior to regular dismissal time. Emergency dismissal information for each child is kept on file. New forms are to be filled out each year. It is the parent’s responsibility to be certain that this information is kept up to date. Please notify the office if any names or numbers are to be changed. If an emergency occurs, the directions on the emergency dismissal form will be followed.


    A “Rainy Day Dismissal” is not considered an emergency dismissal. Because of the congestion in the office and parking lot, parents are discouraged from requesting an early dismissal on rainy days. Walkers and bike riders will be held during inclement weather until the conditions improve. Parents are to inform their children how they will be picked up on rainy days.


    In compliance with Florida Law, all bike riders must wear safety helmets. Once on campus, it is important for students to walk their bicycles to the bike compound. In order to safeguard the bicycle, a bike lock should be used.


    Bus transportation is provided by the School Board for students who live two or more miles from the school. Only those eligible may use this mode of transportation. In order to help ensure safety for all passengers, each bus rider is expected to cooperate with the bus driver and follow the bus safety rules. Failure to comply with these rules may result in a suspension of bus privileges.

    As stated in Florida State Law, all students are expected to attend school regularly and to be punctual. The Student Conduct and Discipline Code Book gives detailed information regarding attendance requirements.


    The parent drop off / pick up area is on the East Side of the school. It is important for cars to maintain a single file and not pass another car unless directed to do so. Students should be dropped off so that they exit onto the sidewalk. Do not encourage students to walk between cars. Any child who exits a car parked in the parking lot must be escorted by the parent across the traffic lane at the marked crosswalks.At the end of the day, parents must wait in cars when picking up children. Please place the Car-Rider sign on your visor so the student can be easily identified. Cars should not be left unattended. If there is a need to enter the building, a suitable parking space should be found so that the flow of traffic is not interrupted. Please remember, outdoor supervision ends at 2:30 p.m.