• Program Coordinator | Jamonique Harrison

  • Broward College offers Upward Bound to Deerfield Beach High School students; a college preparatory program that assist and stimulates students to want to go to college.

    Ways Upward Bound aides Deerfield Beach students include:

    • Touring colleges

    • Educational field trips

    • Stipends (money) for students hard work and participation

    • Assistance with the SAT/ACT Testing

    • Tutoring in specified subjects

    • Summer college classes and activities

    • Seniors participate in the summer bridge program (High School to College)

    The program serves a total of 60 students each year. New applicants are accepted as space becomes available. Requirements are that students have a 2.5 g.p.a. or less and their parents cannot have a Bachelors degree or higher (at time of application).

    Students that are interested in the program should complete the Broward College Upward Bound Interest Form. For further questions, email Dr. Harrison at jharris9@broward.edu