• Welcome to the North Lauderdale PreK-8 School Counseling Page!

    My name is Ms. Sarah Sternglanz and I am happy to be your school counselor and a part of the NLPreK-8 Lions Family! Please read below to learn about some of the activities that school counselors like me are involved with.

    The goal of the School Counseling program is to support the healthy growth and development of children (social, emotional, and academic) in their world of school, home, and community. This process of growth is encouraged through classroom guidance lessons, small group counseling, individual counseling, consultation with families and teachers, and coordination of services with agencies outside of school.

    * School-Wide Character Education Program– The school counselor coordinates school-wide character education initiatives. Character education resources/books suggested by the district’s Diversity, Prevention & Intervention Department are shared with the instructional staff. Additional resources are located on www/browardprevention.org. Each month students are celebrated and acknowledged for demonstrating the character trait of the month. Their names are read on the morning announcements and they receive a Kids of Character certificate.

    * Classroom Guidance Lessons-These are classroom lessons designed to help students understand and deal with normal developmental tasks and issues. Examples include character education, peer relationships, conflict resolution, bullying, social skills and personal safety. They provide an important opportunity for non-referred students to interact with the counselor.

    * Small Group Counseling-The school counselor works with 3-6 students who have been referred for a similar concern. Some common types of counseling groups deal with academic success, divorce, friendship, self-esteem, social skills, anger, and grief or loss. These groups are confidential. Teacher, caregiver, administration or self-referrals are welcomed. Parent/guardian consent is required for participation.

    * Individual Counseling-The school counselor works one-on-one with students to help them resolve problems, enhance decision-making skills, and/or build coping skills. This is a confidential relationship and is a short-term limited intervention (not intensive therapy).

    * Referral Assistance- The school counselors maintain a comprehensive list of specialists who may be helpful in the event of a concern beyond the scope of school counseling services or for longer-term assistance.

    * School-Based Consultation– The school counselor consults with teachers, families, school social worker, school psychologist, administration and specialists. We use a process called RTI (Response-to-Intervention) to brainstorm and implement strategies to assist students and enhance school success.

    * Classroom Observations– The school counselor conducts student observations within their classroom environment to help with decision making and referrals.

    * Coordination of Services- The school counselor will maintain open communication with services students receive outside of school to help provide continuous support for student learning and development.