Greeting Parents and Guardians:
    Welcome to another school year!
    My name is Kathy Arencibia, I am the ESOL Contact at Indian Trace Elementary. My role as the ESOL Contact is to assess all incoming and new students to determine if they are eligible to receive ESOL services based on the Home Language Survey found on the registration form.  The goals of the ESOL program are to: (1) ensure students entering Broward County Public Schools with little or no skills in understanding, speaking, reading and writing English can communicate orally and in writing and function in English in a mainstream class and (2) prepare these students to achieve in all academic areas. 
    If you have any ESOL questions and/or concern(s), please feel to call or e-mail me.
    Warmest Regards,
    Kathy Arencibia
    P: 754-323-6300 Ext. 344
    F: 754-323-6340