• Mission Statement: To provide programs for people of all backgrounds and cultures to learn and be aware of the Islamic Faith.

    President: Janus Aurpy
    Vice President: Rifah Hossain
    Secretary: Kanksha Parikh 
    Treasurer: Camila Salas
    ICC Representative: Thaskia Rashed
    Muslim Student Association
    Meetings Dates and Location: Meetings in Mr. Ali's room, Room 948 on the 4th Monday of the month. 
    Club requirements/ Membership criteria: There are no requirements to be a member of MSA. Students of all races, religions, and ethnicity are able to join and participate in the club. 
    Dues: There are no required dues
    Traditional events/ patronage's: 
    Project Downtown- Work with other MSA's and campus groups to feed the homeless each month or every few months by participating in a local Project Downtown organization. 
    MSA Games- Unifies the youth, college students, families, and seniors at the mosque for purposes of spiritual, physical, and mental development. 
    Benefit's of membership: For people of all backgrounds to be conscious about the Islamic faith and recognize diversity, engage curiosity and foster awareness
    School Sponsor: Mr. Ali - Portable 948
    Sponsor Information: Masjid Jamaat al Mumineen 
    Address: 3222 Holiday Springs Blvd, Margate, FL 33063
    Phone Number: 954-575-3872