• Silver Lakes Middle 2018-2019
    General Information and Safe Plan Guidelines

    Emergency Codes:Emergency Codes

    Student Supervision:

    • Student supervision is provided on campus from 8:30am – 4:15pm.
    • There is NO STUDENT SUPERVISION before or after these designated times.
    • All students MUST be picked up by 4:15pm daily.
    • Silver Lakes Middle School offers FREE BEFORE CARE and AFTER CARE programs. To register, please attend the orientation, the open house or come into the parent center for information and registration packets.
    • Before Care begins at 7:30am in Room 127. Students MUST be in the lab and cannot enter the campus until 8:30am. Drop off is via the front car loop.  Rule infractions will result in dismissal from the before care program. 
    • After Care is provided by OIC of South Florida from 4:00 – 6:15pm. Parents MUST be ON TIME to pick up students from the After Care program. Pick up will be in the front car loop beginning at 6:00pm.  Rule infractions will result in dismissal from the after care program. 
    • Only students participating in pre-approved, adult supervised activities and sports will be allowed to come to school early and/or stay after school for scheduled events/ practices /meetings / games.

    Proper Identification/Uniforms /ID Badges/Single Point Entry:

    • All visitors to the campus MUST have a government ID to gain access and to sign out a student.
    • Per District policy: All students, staff and visitors MUST wear and display their assigned ID Badge while on campus. Replacement IDs for students are $2.00.
    • With the new security checkpoint system at the gates and in our parent center/single point entry, extended time will be necessary to process all requests. We appreciate your patience.
    • We are a uniform school and all students are expected to adhere to the uniform policy.

    Student Arrival and Dismissal:

    • Student arrival begins at 8:30am. Breakfast is available in the cafeteria FREE to all students daily.
    • Bus Riders will drop off and dismiss on the WEST SIDE of the school off Hampton Blvd. (Bus Loop).
    • Parent Drop Off and Pick Up will take place in the front car loop (North Side of school) off Tam’O Shanter Blvd.
    • Please complete the BLUE PARENT DROP OFF/PICK UP CARD provided in your first day packets and display it on your dashboard during both drop off and pick up. This will allow security to wave you through for a faster experience during drop off and dismissal times. 
    • If you do NOT have your card displayed, you will be stopped and asked to produce your government ID at the gate to gain entry to the car loop. Please be patient.  Safety is the number one priority.
    • Silver Lakes has two bike racks on the East and West side of the school for student use.

    Student Late and Early Dismissal / Access to the School During the Day:

    • All perimeter gates will be LOCKED for entry beginning at 9:30am. If your student is late, please call 754-322-4601 to gain access to the school for drop off.
    • You will be asked to present a government ID to gain access to the campus and you will need that ID once again in the single point entry office.
    • The front perimeter gate to Tam O’Shanter (Car Loop) will be open beginning at 2:30pm for any early sign out / dismissal students.
    • Once again, IDs will be required.
    • Any parent needing to gain access to the school between 9:30am and 2:30pm must call the single point entry office at 754-322-4601 to gain access. Please be prepared for extended time to enter the school. We appreciate your patience as we send someone to the gate to allow entry.
    • Once again, IDs will be required.

    Thank you……   The Silver Lakes Middle School Administrative Team.