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  • Cambridge AICE Diploma Programme

    How the Program Works

    The Advanced International Certificate of Education Program (AICE) is an innovative and accelerated method of academic study offered solely through the University of Cambridge International Examination.

    In this program, students take Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) 9-12 courses and can earn an international diploma if they accrue at least 7 credits by passing AICE exams within a three-year period (25 months from the first exam to the last exam).

    Students must take at least one class in each of the four categories:

    * math & science

    * languages

    * arts & humanities

    * interdisciplinary studies

    In addition, students must take the anchor course, Global Perspectives & Research.

    The remaining three courses can come from any of the categories.

    Course Progression

    Class of 2023

    In addition to AICE courses, students in the Cambridge Diploma Program can also take regular, honors, Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses.

    Certain electives may be switched for other courses in the same group. 

    9th grade

    -English: AICE English General Paper

    -Social Studies: AP Human Geography

    -Elective #1: AICE Thinking Skills

    10th grade

    -English: AICE English Language

    -Social Studies: AP World History

    -Science: AICE Marine Science

    -Elective #1: AICE Psychology or AICE Media Studies

    11th grade

    -English: AICE Literature in English

    -Social Studies: AP United States History

    -Elective #1: AICE Global Perspectives & Research

    12th grade

    -Social Studies: AP Government/Economics

    This progression is based on students taking Math, Science, Social Studies, English, three electives, and a study hall.

    High School and College Credits

    Students receive high school credit when they pass the AICE course and may receive college credit for individual courses if they pass the examination.

    Students do not have to complete the 7 points for the Cambridge Diploma to receive college credit.

    View a list of colleges and universities that have provided statements of their AICE recognition policy at

    Comparing AICE and AP

    Both programs:

    * are well established in the education community and recognized in universities in the United States;

    * offer two (2) quality points on a student’s local GPA (if a C or higher is earned in the course).

    However, the AICE Diploma (plus 100 service hours) guarantees:

    * the student will receive the Florida Academic Scholars scholarship, the highest level of Bright Futures, without having to meet SAT/ACT requirements.

    * ALL TUITION, plus a $300 stipend per semester for books, at ALL 28 FL public colleges/universities.

    Course Offerings at Monarch

    Group 1 Mathematics and Science Group 2 Languages

    -Applied Information & Communication



    -Marine Science

    -English Language -Spanish Language*

    Group 3

    Arts and Humanities Group 4 Interdisciplinary Studies

    -Media Studies

    -Literature in English



    -Travel & Tourism*

    -Thinking Skills -English General Paper


    -Global Perspectives and Research

    Courses with (*) are possible future offerings. Courses will be added each year.

    Cambridge Exams

    Exams are offered in November, May, and June. They may also occur after the Broward County school year ends (through the third week of June) or during holidays.

    How to Apply

    Admission to the Cambridge program is limited and students are expected to have demonstrated a commitment to their academics.

    Students are encouraged to have successfully taken at least one high school course in middle school prior to applying to the Cambridge AICE program.

    Please submit completed applications to Melissa Nichols via email,, or mail to Monarch High School, attention: Cambridge Program.

    Students who attend a private school or a school outside of Broward County must submit an application and the Teacher Recommendation form.

  • Cambridge AICE Diploma Programme Application

    Cambridge AICE Diploma Programme Application

    Download the form. Do not complete the form in the browser. Open it with Acrobat Reader.

    Complete the form.

    Print the form below.

    Cambridge AICE Diploma Programme Form

  • Cambridge Teacher Recommendation Form

    Cambridge Teacher Recommendation Form

    Complete the form.

    Print it.

    Have the teacher sign it.

    AICE Teacher Recommendation Form