The PASL Mission:
    To personalize the learning experience for every student in order to meet their individual needs, not only to put a diploma in their hands, but to ensure they are college and career ready.
    What is PASL?
    Personalization for Academic and Social Learning (PASL) represents a systemic, school-wide approach to meeting the academic and socio-emotional needs of high school students.  PASL refers to the ways in which Stranahan High School actively encourages students to develop a sense of belonging to the school as a whole, as well as meaningful, positive connections with adults and other students.
     Where did PASL come from?
    PASL was identified in two Broward High Schools during the 2010-11 school year by researchers
    from the National Center for Scaling Up Effective Schools (NCSU). A year-long study found that
    two highly effective Broward high schools personalized the learning experience for their students
    through deliberate organizational routines, a culture of personalization, and specific
    personalization practices. PASL was designed through collaboration with NCSU and district and
    school leaders in Broward. Eight Broward high schools have now adapted PASL to their own
    The PASL Method:
    Intentional points of contact by PASL advisors utilizing specific strategies like Rapid Check-In (RCI) developed by a Broward County Schools District Innovation Design Team who worked with researchers from Vanderbilt University, Florida State University and the Education Development Center (EDC).