• Sunrise Rises!

    In anticipation of Inclusive Schools Week Dec 3-17, Sunrise Middle School participated in a Showcase on November 14, 2018. Ms. Monique Green's band students had the opportunity to perform for over 50 administrators from all over the nation who attended the event. This was one of their stops from a three-day conference at The Signature Grand. Presentations were made as part of a district "Artist" program which was incorporated into the SVE classes for 6 weeks. The SVE students did a fabulous job with the artist and their work was displayed for all to see. Sunrise Middle School presenters, Mrs. Ruth Perez, Magnet Coordinator, and Ms. Gina Turchiaro, ESE Specialist, showed a video and explained to the guests the various strategies, accommodations, and curriculum processes used in the Magnet program to address the needs of ESE students that may be in the program.  The visitors were able to see these practices in action in both the progressive and magnet classes, as they were given tours throughout the campus. Also highlighted, was Mrs. Karen Alfieri's peer counseling students, and how they work closely with the SVE students and students with disabilities within the general education setting. Sunrise Middle School is an inclusive school and demonstrates this through the remarkable teachers and programs whereby ESE students are involved in the learning community with the general education students.