• music notes

     All State Chorus Congratulations!!

    Congratulations to our Embassy Creek Elementary All State students!  Embassy Creek was proudly represented by Mya Bustillo and Diayani Morales.  These students traveled to Tampa, Florida, worked with a master conductor, and performed for family, friends and dignitaries at the Florida Elementary Music Education Association Annual Clinic and Conference.  Mr. Becker traveled to Tampa to attend sessions and was present at the concert as well.  Over 1,000 audition entries from across the state of Florida were adjudicated for only 200 coveted spots!! Kudos! Great job, Diayani and Mya!  Thanks go out to their amazing families for traveling to be with them for this memorable event.  We couldn't be more excited!

    Junior Chorus
    Our Junior Chorus will begin rehearsals officially on Tuesday, January 28th.  This will be an organizational meeting at 7:30 a.m. located in the Music Room.  All 2nd and 3rd grades students who have turned in their permission slips and received acceptance forms inthe fall are welcome.  Students will soon receive their personal notes welcoming them to Junior Chorus!
    Joyful Noise
    Joyful Noise members are enjoying a much deserved hiatus.  Joyful Noise will begin their spring rehearsals in the Music Room.  We have an active spring session ahead.  Be prepared for the spring commitment and all the benefits we reap from making wonderful music together.