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  • Students in the Integrated Career Academic Networks (iCAN) magnet program will participate in project-based and blended learning, develop workplace and technology skills, and engage in mentoring by a network of advisors from business industries and postsecondary institutions. Pompano Beach Middle is one of six schools in the district to receive a grant that will allow our students to participate in an academy. 


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    Hospitality and Tourism involves all aspects of the travel, leisure, food and lodging industries. This program will focus on those four industries: travel involves an airplane, cruise ships and train travel; leisure includes recreation, amusement parks, sports arenas; food and lodging involves restaurants and food service areas, as well as lodging, which includes hotels and resorts for overnight stay. Students will also explore the arts and entertainment sector and gain an understanding of venue selection and event planning.   


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    This program draws on fields such as physiology, biomechanics and robotics to measure what is happening in an athlete’s body; psychology to analyze the role of the mind in performance; nutrition to help athletes fuel their bodies correctly; and business and sports management to understand the financial and operational sides of the sports industry. This program also has an eSports component which will open doors for students by giving them early exposure to all facets of eSports, including the business of eSports.


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    The education program provides opportunities for leadership, working collaboratively with teams and practicing presentation skills. The program empowers students to embrace their knowledge of the education profession. They will have the opportunity to experience and work directly with Broward College; this academy offers dual enrollment opportunities so that our students may graduate with up to 60 post-secondary credit hours.


    The program prepares students for careers as pilots, aerospace engineers, mechanics, air traffic controllers, and other airport support functions. They are also introduced to computer engineering as a way of thinking through complex tasks.  Students will be given the opportunity to solve technological problems using a variety of tools, materials, engineering, and design thinking processes while gaining an understanding of the effects of robotic technology on our everyday lives. There is nothing quite as fun — and educational — as building one’s own drone and setting it through a race, an activity, or a challenge.


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    The program explores computer software applications for the purpose of storing, retrieving, transmitting and manipulating digital information using information technology principles. Students will explore the world of digital communication using television production techniques while working with professional equipment in a modern digital TV studio. This program also has an additional Law component where students will examine principles behind the structures of the legal system, and individual rights protected by Constitutional Law with an emphasis on media law.


  • Students in classroom Unlike traditional magnet programs, all students attending an iCAN school participate in an academy of their choosing. Select academies have no academic admission requirements.