Welcome to Banyan's Library Media Center

  • Media Specialist and TLC, Dr. Melissa Glynn

    Our library media and technology specialist is Dr. Melissa Glynn.

    Mission Statement

    The School Library Media Center is the hub of the school.  It is a place that will support the school community, students, parents and staff.  The media center contains materials that support the school’s curriculum with resources that foster critical thinking skills.  It promotes the learning of information literacy skills that will provide students with the knowledge they will need in the future to achieve their academic goals.

    Vision Statement

    Members of the Banyan Elementary school community will be empowered with 21st century skills to be effective users, producers, and communicators of ideas and information.

    Goals and Objectives 

    The school library media program:

    • Supports student achievement of curricular goals and objectives.
    • Provides students and staff with physical and intellectual access to diverse sources of information, ideas and knowledge.
    • Stimulates and promotes information literacy through quality instruction, empowering students to become effective readers, information users, critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and lifelong learners.
    • Strengthens effective teaching and learning through collaboration.
    • Provide resources that meet a broad range of individual learning styles, abilities, interests, and curriculum needs, including multicultural education.
    • Stimulates and promotes literacy in reading, listening, viewing and communicating for both pleasure and information.
    • Utilizes technology to address expanding information needs.

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