• Student Council logo

    The Student Council works for the school. It does what students and staff want it to do to reach the chosen goals. It is important that we each take part in student council activities so that the student council can reflect student ideas and feelings in achieving objectives. Students interesting in joining the Student Council must submit an intent form, and then give a speech to their class. Each class will then vote for 2 representatives.

    The Student Council:

    1. Raises
      • Money
      • Student Morale
      • School Spirit
      • Community involvement and support
    2. Creates publicity
      • About student events and ideas
      • Informs, excites, and explains
    3. Solves problems and makes decisions
      • Works on student problems
      • Uses student input
    4. Develops leadership skills among students

    The Student Council is advised by Ms. Cross and meets one Monday a month in her lab from 2-3 pm.