• ESOL/ELLS. Program at BRE

    Greetings Parents

    The goal of the program is to ensure all students, entering Broadview Elementary  ESOL Programs School with varying levels of limited English proficiency, receive comparable and comprehensible instruction. This instruction helps these students to develop communicative and academic skills necessary for meeting national, state, and district educational standards.

    All students classified as English Language Learners (ELLs) must be provided an appropriate ESOL program to meet the specific students' needs in language learning, academic achievement, and in cultural integration.

    Students in the ESOL program are required to meet the same curriculum standards as any other student in English/Language Arts and content area instruction. The content of the curriculum is established by the Sunshine State Standards. ESOL strategies, supplementary materials, and native language assistance are used to ensure comprehensible instruction is being provided to every ELL student.

    Please feel free to contact Ms Danielle McGowan.


    Ms. Danielle E. McGowan, M. Ed., Ed. S. 

    Certified School Counselor 

    Clinical Educator


    Broadview Elementary

    Phone: 754-322-5508

    Fax: 754-322-5540