• October 2019

    Once a Colonel, Always a Colonel

    Alumni Billy Hamilton and Bobby Zaragoza return to their Alma Mater as the New School Resource Officers for the 2019-2020 school year.  

    By Zachary Dixon and Gabriella Von Achen  

    Colonel SROs

         Colonel alumni Billy Hamilton and Bobby Zaragoza are the School Resource Officers, (SROs), for the 2019-2020 school year a main part of ensuring the school’s and student’s safety. 

         Officer Billy Hamilton is not new to the job as he worked as an S.R.O. for South Plantation High for four years, Central Park Elementary for one year and now in his sixth year, is working as an SRO for Plantation. 

         A goal of Officer Hamilton is to build a better rapport with students so that they feel safe in their learning environment. It appears that school security has increased in Broward County Schools; a result, increasing the number of SROs is a step forward in securing that safer learning environment. Alongside Officer Hamilton serves Officer Zaragoza. 

         Officer Bobby Zaragoza claims to feel good about being back at the high school from where he graduated. He has changed occupations from being a Detective to become an SRO. For Zaragoza, working with kids is inspirational. As methods to improve safety, he and his partner monitor social media, try to interact with the students as much as they can and make their main objectives to have students come to school feeling much safer and focused on academics. Officer Zaragoza may also be helping with the school’s wrestling team, but most of his time and commitment as an SRO are spent providing a helping hand, giving advice, and lending an ear.