• Mathematics

    The Mathematics department at William Dandy Middle School strives to provide all students with personalized math curriculum that fits their needs. We offer students courses ranging from remediation to acceleration, including GEM, Algebra I, and Geometry.  Our department is shifting away from the traditional classroom and towards a more active and student-centered classroom.  In order to accomplish that goal we are working on integrating more technology in the classroom.

    GEM Qualifications:

    The GEM Program is designed to allow students to move faster than they would in a regular program. Sixth Grade qualifying students for the GEM program must have a score of 380 or above in Math and a 300 on the reading portion on the Sunshine State Standards (SSS) - Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT). Students in GEM take Algebra I and Geometry for high school credit in 7th and 8th grades. Geometry students may take their 8th grade course on-line with a Math certified Highly Qualified teacher in the classroom plus an-online certified math teacher. This provides them the opportunity to properly learn to take an on-line course in a structured environment.