• Welcome dolphins to another great school year at Broadview Elementary School! It is an exciting and often nerve-wracking time of the year for parents, students AND teachers no matter how many times we go through it.  Below please find several links to resources and interesting ideas I thought might be helpful in making your child's transition back to school as smooth and memorable as possible.

         If your child is a returning Broadview Dolphin, I would also recommend you ask your child to remind you about what it means to Be a Bucketfiller.  You can do a Google search for the bookHave You Filled a Bucket Today: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids by Carol McCloud.  We will be going over character traits with all of our students during the first few weeks of school.  Please also talk with your children about some simple and universal school rules to follow, they are:  Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe. 

         Thank you for partnering with us to help all of our students navigate their emotional, social, and academic development.  We hope all of our students develop into confident, caring and successful individuals.  I look forward to seeing you soon and working with you again this school year! 


    Ms. McGowan, School Counselor

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    General back to school resources for any student:

    Broward Schools Family Counseling Center:

    Attendance Works:

    Back to School Transition Tips for Parents:

    NBC Parent Toolkit (disponible en Español):


    KidsHealth Tips for Kids:


    Back to school resources for Kindergarten and students who may need some extra TLC!

    First Day of School Jitters:

    The Kissing Handby Audrey Penn

    Franklin Goes to Schoolby Paulette Bourgeois and Brenda Clark

    Other helpful books:

    Just for Fun: “I Love You Too” by Ziggy Marley in ASL:


    Specifically for Kindergarten and all of our new Broadview families:

         I am so happy you have become part of our Broadview family!  The first day of school is an exciting milestone each year in a child's life.  As wonderful as this new experience might be, it can also be quite stressful for some children, parents, and even grandparents. New situations and change can, at times, be unsettling for all of us.  For many children this may be their first experience at separation, while others have done this at other times with church, day care, or special outings. It is common for even the most outgoing child to be anxious the first day of school.  On the next page there are a few suggestions to assist everyone during this transition from home to school, summer to fall.

    1. Prepare your child by discussing what to expect Monday morning (morning routine, arrival, your leaving, your returning, bus pick up/drop off, etc.).

    2. Convey a positive attitude. Your child will be aware of your feelings. Your enthusiasm will help your child see school in a positive way.

    3. Establish a morning routine and even practice on Sunday (or a few days in a row) as a trial run. This will give your child comfort as you add predictability to the first day.  We are creatures of routine and habit!

    4. Bring something from home to keep in their backpack that can be used as a comfort (small stuffed animal, pillow, bracelet, picture, etc.).

    5. Clearly state where you will be while your child is at school and who will return to pick them up or get them off the bus.  It is also helpful to tell them you will be excited to hear what they learned while you were apart.  Make sure you ask as soon as you see them.

    6. Most importantly maintain a good-bye routine. This may include a kiss, hug, and reassurance of who and when they will be picked up. Extended good-byes with "just one more kiss" tend to heighten the anxiety for both you and your child.

        Above all remember we are here to help!  We prefer your child not associate this separation with the classroom, and encourage drop off at the car rider area.  We look forward to a fun and exciting year of learning.  WELCOME! 


    In partnership,

    Ms. McGowan, School Counselor

    Broadview ElementarySchool


    Main Number: (754) 322-5500

    Direct Number: (754) 322-5508