Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Department


    ESE services this year are outlined on each student's Temporary Distance Learning Plan (TDLP). The TDLP is updated and reviewed at each student's annual IEP meeting.

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    Ms. Christina Boos-Patton - ESE Director

    Mrs. Julia Ludovici - 6th and 7th grade Reading and History Support Facilitator

    Ms. Andrea Beecher – 7th grade Math and Science Facilitator and 8th grade facilitator

    Mr. Charles King – Teacher, Specialized Varying Exceptionalities (SVE)

    Ms. Hilda Efienokwu - Teacher, Specialized Varying Exceptionalities (SVE) 

    Mr. Taylor Simpkins - Teacher, Specialized Varying Exceptionalities (SVE)

    Mrs. Monica Prada - Speech and Language Pathologist

    Special Education Services (per IEP specifications)

    • Inclusion Model: Students on standards (Take the Florida Standards Assessment – FSA)

              Services may include:

    • Pull-out for specialized instruction in the ESE setting
    • Push-in for collaboration in the general education setting
    • Combination of pull-out and push-in services
    • Intensive reading and/or math (FSA – Level 1)
    • Accommodations (e.g., extra time, small group for testing, preferential seating)
    • Related services (e.g., PT, OT, Speech, Language, Counseling)
    • Specialized Varying Exceptionalities (SVE): Students on Access Points (Take the Florida Standards Alternate Assessment – FSAA)
    • Self-contained ESE setting
    • Low student-teacher ratio (i.e., approx. 10 – 11 students : 2 - 3 adults)
    • Differentiated (modified) curriculum
    • Education Support Professionals (ESPs) for additional instructional and behavioral support
    • Related services (e.g., PT, OT, Speech, Language, Counseling)
    • Speech and Language Therapy
      • Pull-out sessions
      • Small group instruction for speech and/or language therapy (pragmatics)