Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Department

    ESE Administrator: Mr. Ben Reeves

    Dept. Head: Dr. Carole D’Ausilio, ESE Specialist


    Ms. Dorlisa Carter - 6th Grade ESE Support Facilitator

    Mrs. Julia Ludovici - 7th Grade ESE Support Facilitator

    Ms. Andrea Beecher – 8th Grade ESE Support Facilitator

    Mr. Charles King – Teacher, Specialized Varying Exceptionalities (SVE)

    Ms. Alainna Milkey - Teacher, Specialized Varying Exceptionalities (SVE)

    Mrs. Monica Prada - Speech and Language Pathologist

    Mrs. Annette Espada - Speech and Language Pathologist

    Special Education Services (per IEP specifications)

    • Inclusion Model: Students on standards (Take the Florida Standards Assessment – FSA)

              Services may include:

    • Pull-out for specialized instruction in the ESE setting
    • Push-in for collaboration in the general education setting
    • Combination of pull-out and push-in services
    • Intensive reading and/or math (FSA – Level 1)
    • Accommodations (e.g., extra time, small group for testing, preferential seating)
    • Related services (e.g., PT, OT, Speech, Language, Counseling)
    • Specialized Varying Exceptionalities (SVE): Students on Access Points (Take the Florida Standards Alternate Assessment – FSAA)
    • Self-contained ESE setting
    • Low student-teacher ratio (i.e., approx. 10 – 11 students : 2 - 3 adults)
    • Differentiated (modified) curriculum
    • Education Support Professionals (ESPs) for additional instructional and behavioral support
    • Related services (e.g., PT, OT, Speech, Language, Counseling)
    • Speech and Language Therapy
      • Pull-out sessions
      • Small group instruction for speech and/or language therapy (pragmatics)