Hollywood Hills Elementary's Journalism Club

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  • The Panther Post 

    Hollywood Hills Elementary's Journalism Club is proud to present The Panther Post, the official school's newsletter. The club meets once a week to learn about writing different types of articles, interviewing, publishing a school newspaper, and using social media to share school news. The Panther Post has their own website, Twitter account, Facebook page, and published newspaper. Students have written news, features, opinions, and entertainment articles. Each club member has a press pass which is worn when they are covering an event on campus. Our club members are practicing their listening and speaking skills by interviewing adults and other students. With deadlines given, they are learning responsibility and being held accountable. They are learning the importance of editing and rewriting to make sure that what they write is appropriate for elementary students and the Hollywood community. Articles include information about our PTA fundraisers, grade level and school wide events, featured staff members, book reviews, and more. 

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