• Pompano Beach High School (PBHS) is a magnet school with a focus on International Affairs with Information Technology. Students and educators have numerous opportunities to obtain a broader understanding of the world around them.

    • Student exchanges
    • Teacher and administrator exchanges
    • Partner schools and online exchanges
    • International trips
    • Internships
    • Club-sponsored international activities

    Our adventure began after a former teacher, Ms. Julia Perlowski, traveled to India on a Fulbright Teachers for Global Classrooms fellowship. Other teachers participated in similar exchange opportunities. PBHS teachers established relationships with a diverse group of exceptional educators, thus allowing us to invite colleagues to the first summit in 2012. Attendees from the original summit included educators and students from Japan and Sweden. The interaction and enthusiasm from our visitors were tremendous.

    After the success of the first summit, plans for the second were quickly underway. Building the relationships between partnering schools made the second summit possible. Educators and their students traveled from Poland, Brazil, France, and India. Additionally, PBHS facilitated overseas trips for students and teachers to experience various schools and cultures, resulting in establishing further relationships.

    As our spectacular event grows, we look forward to providing more students with opportunities to interact with their peers from around the world.