• School Advisory Council (SAC)

     The School Advisory Council shall be the sole body responsible for final decision-making at the school relating to implementation of school administrtors, non-instructional at the school relating to implementation of ss.1001.42(18) and 1008.345.U The SAC is composed of parents, teachers, community members, regularly to establish priorities, set annual objectives, and monitor action steps for school improvement.


    What is the SAC Committee?
    The School Advisory Council (SAC) is a team of people representing various segments of the community–parents, teachers, students, administrators, support staff, business/ industry people and other interested community members.

    What do they do?
    SAC member gather to discuss the school’s academic plan and progress.  They discuss the School Improvement Plan - a plan made of goals and objectives established for the school determined by needs.  The purpose of the School Improvement Plan is to increase student performance.  The SAC committee assists the school principal with budget and recommendation on how school monies are spent or allocated.

    How can parents get involved and participate in the SAC committee?
    Parents are encouraged to attend the monthly meeting of the SAC committee at their child’s school.

    Why is it important for parents to be active participants?

    • The SAC committee provides a place where parents can voice their opinions and suggestions.  They have an active role in making decisions that will best serve the students.
    • SAC also gives the opportunity for parents to actively participate in setting goals and making plans to achieve those academic goals.
    • SAC allows for parents to identify issues that need to be addressed concerning the school climate.