Emergency Information

  • Officer Nicholas Cuevas Dear Parents/Guardians,

    My Name is Officer Nicholas Cuevas and I have been with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department for the past 8 years. I just want to take a moment to introduce myself and make you aware that I will be working with your children at Stranahan High School as the School Resource Officer (SRO).

    The SRO program is a nationally accepted program involving the placement of a Law Enforcement Officer within the educational environment.  It is designed to provide school administrators and staff with law enforcement resources and expertise to maintain safety and order in the school environment.

    As your School Resource Officer, I will perform a variety of roles, including that of law enforcement, problem-solving, providing links to students and parents to outside services, mentoring, being a positive role model, and most importantly, my number one priority is the safety and security of our students and staff so every child has the greatest opportunity to learn and grow.

    Stranahan offers numerous extra-curricular activities and clubs that our students can enjoy in a safe and supportive environment. Through continuous and effective communication, we can keep it this way. Here are a few tips to share with your students to help Stranahan remain a fun and exciting place to learn: 

    • If you see something say something – Remember communication is the most important part of keeping our school safe. If you see or hear something and it just doesn’t feel right, notify someone. Security staff, administrators and I are all throughout the campus all day. You wouldn’t have to look far to find one of us. Simply tell us what you saw/heard and we will look into the matter.

    • Don’t ever feel like you are inconveniencing us - We are here for you and to make sure you enjoy your time at Stranahan. Even if we are busy and it is an immediate emergency or could turn into one, get our attention and we will stop what we are doing to listen to you.

    • No bullying – It is sometimes hard to see the effects that bullying can do to someone if the person being bullied is doing a good job of masking their emotions. You never know what someone is going through and you don’t know how your words and actions can affect someone who is battling a lot already. Nobody wants to be laughed at or made to feel lower than anyone else. We have guidance counselors, as well as me, who have had crisis intervention training who have an open door for anyone who feels like they need to breathe or talk about a situation.

    • No weapons on campus – Not only is it a safety issue but it is a FELONY (FSS. 790.115) to possess any weapons on school property, events, school buses, or at bus stops in a careless manner.

    • No drugs on campus - Sometimes students are unable to understand the effects of using drugs. At Stranahan high school we try to educate our students about how drugs can affect not only themselves but others as well. Not only the legal ramifications but the physiological and psychological effects. All drugs including, vapes, illegal narcotics, and prescription medication that is not prescribed to the student are prohibited.

    I am looking forward to working with you and Building relationships with our students. My door is always open to parents or students with questions or concerns. Let’s work together to maintain Dragon pride and make Stranahan High School the school that everyone enjoys!

    Go Dragons