•  Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print PDF.

      • In our new eLearning environment, there is an increased risk in having student passwords that are easily discovered. We encourage students to change passwords using these instructionsThese instructions apply URGENTLY to students who are still using the default initial password with a format of PMM/DD/YYYY. 
      • 5 Steps to get started PDF1 - Go to sso.browardschools.com
        2 - Sign-In, with student number & password/PIN, to get to your personalized LaunchPad Get to class
        3 - Clicking on Canvas tile
        4 - Using the “Courses” button on the left-hand edge Enter class
        5 - Read any of your teacher’s announcements at the top of the page and then look for your assignments below.Teacher Interaction
        6 – Will be provided using live video conferencing, prerecorded video, and Canvas messaging. Each teacher will provide specific directions. What about other support services?
              Broward County Public Schools will be providing services, with modifications, to students and families during the period of physical distancing. These include:
        • Exceptional Student Education 
        • Bilingual/ESOL
        • School Counseling and BRACE Advisement
        • Social Work Family Counseling, and Family & Community Engagement. Further information will be posted within Canvas and on departmental websites at browardschools.com and     on individual school websites. Further updates will be issued regularly at browardschools.com/coronavirus.

      • Getting ready for eLearning
      • The B.E.E.S. CORE VALUES for e-learning
      • For information on how to log on to a school issued laptop, how to log in to Clever, Canvas, etc., and the e-Learning Student Guide, please see the links below. 
      • Broward County Public Schools e-Learning Student Guide
      • Kindergarten Math and Reading Instructional Scope and Sequence
      • 1st Grade Math and Reading Instructional Scope and Sequence
      • 2nd Grade Math and Reading Instructional Scope and Sequence

        Canvas For Parents
        The Canvas Parent app is available for use by Broward County Public Schools parents. The parent role in Canvas is often referred to as an “Observer” role. The parent app gives the parent a glance into the course work being completed on the Canvas learning management system. Parents are able to review upcoming or past assignments, check on grades and receive alerts for student activity.


        The link below is a one-pager that details the information that parents can view by using the Canvas Parent App. It also details what a parent cannot see or do while using the App.  Access to Canvas.

        A video has also been created to show specifically what parents can see when they use the Canvas Parent App

        Please know that the grades parents view in the Canvas Parent App are only those grades that have been recorded in the Course Progress within Canvas. A student’s true grade is reflected in Pinnacle.