• Computer Tips & Troubleshooting      

    Password Issues:  contact your teacher or call 754-321 0569.

    Canvas Issues: in order to go to Canvas, students must sign into Clever: https://sso.browardschools.com/ , inside Clever they can just click on Canvas app. 

    You might experience slower performance in Canvas at around 10am-11am due to high network traffic. 

    Most issues in Canvas like missing links, assignments not active etc. can be resolved by the teacher. 

    For additional Canvas inquiries, online resources and digital materials visit BCPS Innovative Learning: https://www.browardschools.com/Page/50590 

    Pointer/arrow missing during sign on: this glitch might happen occasionally, use the Tab button to navigate between username and password, once you log in the issue usually disappears. Alternatively, you can restart the computer. 

    Program not responding: press Ctrl, Alt, Delete keys at the same time, start the Task Manager, highlight the program’s name, and hit the End Task button. Restart the program/application. 

    Computer frozen: perform a hard reboot by pressing and holding the on/off button for about 8 seconds to turn off the computer manually. This action should only be done as a last resort if you have an unresponsive computer or critical error. This process could cause data loss or corruption.

    Web Browser: officially supported web browser at BCPS is Chrome.

    For any addittional tech related inquires please call 754-321 0569.