• First time users of the online payment system must have their child's student ID number available before using the online payment system!

    1. Access the e-store website by entering this web address: estore.browardschools.com
    2. Select your school
    3. Select the activity that you want to purchase; i.e. club dues, field trip, yearbook, etc.
    4. Click the "Add to Cart" button
    5. Click the "Continue Shopping" button in the lower left portion of screen and repeat steps 4 and 5
    6. Once you have completed your selection of items for purchase, click the "Checkout" button in the lower right portion of the screen
    7. "Sign In" or, if this is your first time using the e-store system, enter "New User" information (enter a Username and Password that can easily be remembered)
    8. Add or Select your child's student profile (You must select one child for each item purchased) New Users must add a student profile.

    To add a Student Profile, click the "Add Student Profile" button in the upper left portion of the screen and enter the student name and ID number. Select the "Save Changes" button then select your child under the student profile dropdown box on the screen.

    1. Click the "Next" button
    2. Enter or verify your billing information and select the "Next" button

    If you are a New User of the e-store system, enter your billing information.

    I l . Enter your credit card information

    1. Click the "Review Order" button
    2. Click the "Place Order" button
    3. Print receipt

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