Digital Registrar: Registration, Withdrawal, Change of Address, Transcripts

  • Please be aware that we are experiencing a high volume of communications and intermittent service issues which will delay the processing of your emails. Rest assured that each email is very important to us and we are working diligently to ensure every request is processed correctly. Your patience is appreciated at this difficult time.

    Digital Registrations

    Because of restrictions due to CoVID19, we are accepting digital registrations for this year. Follow the three steps below to start registration. You will be contacted afterward to complete registration and discuss classes. If you have questions about the process at any time, please email . Be sure to include your phone number and times you can be contacted if you would like to speak with us on the phone.

    Step 1: Are you eligible to register?

    In Broward Schools, a student may be registered (or pre-registered for the next school year) at their “home school”. This school depends on the student’s address. Please check on the district’s school locator to find your school:

    If Plantation High is not your home school, you may still register with us if you have a reassignment approval letter from the district’s School Choice office. Parents may apply for reassignment to schools where space exists during specified School Choice application windows. For additional information please go to

    Otherwise, please email to be directed to the registrar at your home school.

    Step 2: Download and complete the forms.

    The following are basic digital registration forms that all families must complete. Additional forms and documents may be needed to complete registration, depending on your individual situation.

     FYI: Your photo ID will be used to authenticate your "digital signature" on the forms. You will NOT need to print the forms, just type your name in the signature boxes.

    • First download the forms on your computer; Then, open the forms in Adobe Acrobat Reader, complete and save. 
      Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader if you do not already have the program and would like to install it on your computer.

    • Or, you may fill out the forms in your browser.
      -Internet Explorer/Edge: Complete and save.
      -Google Chrome: Select print and choose "Save as PDF" in the print destination. Important, Downloading your completed forms using Google Chrome will not save your progress.

    Basic Registration Forms

    1. Registration Checklist - This form is here for your reference, but most of it will be filled out by the registrar. You only need to complete the areas in blue at the top, then read the second page to see which forms of proof of address you need to provide.

    2. Registration Form: English | Spanish | Haitian Creole | Portuguese 
      - To be completed and digitally signed by the parent that will be providing the proof of address. Fill completely.

    3. Emergency Contact Form: English | Spanish | Haitian Creole Portuguese  
      - Fill completely.

    4. Code of Conduct Acknowledgement - Please read the Code of Conduct by clicking here, then type your digital signature at the bottom of the Code of Conduct Acknowledgement.

    5. FERPA - Read and digitally sign at the bottom.

    Step 3: Email documents as attachments

    Send an email to:

    In the subject, type the student’s name and the word, “Registration”. (example: “Doe, John – Registration”)

    In the body of the email please tell us the best phone number and times for reaching you. Make sure to let us know if you are registering for this year or pre-registering for the coming year. Then, attach the following:

    • All the completed registration documents from above.
    • Photo ID of the registering parent who will be providing proof of address and who has signed all the forms.
    • Primary proof of address as defined by Broward County Public Schools, in the registering parent’s name. Usually this means:
      1. Property tax bill
      2. Homestead exemption
      3. Deed
      4. Recent mortgage statement
      5. Home purchase contract
      6. Or Current notarized lease agreement.
    • One of the other proofs of address accepted by Broward Schools (see page 2 of the Registration Checklist for full list).

    Details on how to provide proof of address and other alternatives can be found at:


    Withdrawals are not necessary over the summer break. Simply pre-register at the school where the student will begin in August and that school will contact Plantation High.

    Depending on where the student be going to school next, you may need a transcript. If the student is going to a private school, or a school outside of Broward, you may contact the district records department through their online portal for more information:

    Please note that ONLY the registering parent may withdraw a student from school for the current year. If you are the registering parent and are seeking to withdraw a student from Plantation High School during the year, please email . In the subject of the email, write the student’s name and the word, “Withdrawal”. In the body of the email, let us know the following:

    • The full name of the student
    • Student’s date of birth
    • Student’s school ID number
    • Your name
    • WHEN will the student be withdrawn?
    • WHERE will the student be going to school next? (school, city, state)
    • Do you need to return textbooks or a laptop? (if the answer is yes, an appointment will be arranged.)

    Then, attach a picture of your photo ID as confirmation of your identity.

    Please keep in mind that any textbooks and laptops checked out by the student will need to be returned before the withdrawal is completed. Any other fines or obligations need to be paid online using the eStore:

    Once all obligations are resolved, you will be sent a digital copy of your withdrawal form.


    Change Of Address

    If a current student has changed address, please notify us right away.

    Send an email to:

    In the subject, type the student’s name and the words, “Address Change”. (example: “Doe, John – Address Change”)

    In the body of the email please tell us the best phone number and times for reaching you, then, attach the following: 

    1. A completed registration form. 

      • Registration Form: English | Spanish | Haitian Creole | Portuguese
        - To be completed and digitally signed by the parent that will be providing the proof of address. Fill completely.

    2. Photo ID of the registering parent who will be providing proof of address and who has signed the form.

    3. Primary proof of address as defined by Broward County Public Schools, in the registering parent’s name. Usually this means:
      • Property tax bill
      • Homestead exemption
      • Deed
      • Recent mortgage statement
      • Home purchase contract
      • Or Current notarized lease agreement.

    4. One of the other proofs of address accepted by Broward Schools.

    Details on how to provide proof of address and other alternatives can be found at:



    Please Note: All requests require a valid photo ID to confirm identity. Without ID, we will not be able to process your request.


    Who can request a transcript?

    Transcripts can be requested by:

    • The student
    • The parent of a current student
    • The parent of a former student if the child is 17 years old or younger

    Where do I request a transcript? Am I eligible to request from Plantation High School?

    • Current 12th grade students: request through the Naviance app on Clever.
    • Current 9-11th grade students: request from Plantation High by following the steps below.
    • Former students: If your last year in Broward Schools was before 08/01/2014 MUST go to:
    • Former PLHS students: If your last year in Broward Schools was on or after 08/01/2014, you may request your transcripts from Plantation High by following the steps below.

    I am eligible to request from Plantaton High School. How do I make the request?

    Current 12th grade students must request through the Naviance app on Clever
    Current 9-11th grade students may request from Plantation High by following the steps below.
    Former students from after 08/01/2014 can follow the 4 steps below.

    1. Write your request on paper. Even if you plan to email your request, we need it written and SIGNED. You can take a picture of it later if you decide to email it. Include the following information.

    • Who? Name of the student
    • From WHEN? The last year the student attended Plantation High (must be on or after August 2014)
    • To WHERE? We can send your transcript 3 ways. 
    • For a free electronic official transcript - name a school from the list below. If your school is not on the list, you cannot choose this option.
    • For a free unsigned PDF - provide an email address where you would like us to send the unsigned PDF.
    • For a paper copy of your official transcript - provide a mailing address so we can mail it to that address directly. There will be a $3 charge.
    • SIGN and DATE your request

    2. There are 2 ways to make a payment for a paper copy. If you are requesting an electronic copy, skip this step.

    3. Show Proof of identity. 

    • If you want to mail your request, include a photocopy of your valid, official photo ID (like a driver's license).
    • If you are making your request via emailtake a picture of your valid, official photo ID (like a driver's license), then attach it to the email.

    4. Send us your request, payment, and ID.

    • You can mail your request, payment, and photocopy of your ID to:
      • Plantation High School - Registrar
        6901 NW 16th St
        Plantation, FL 33313
    • OR you can email us your request. Include a picture of your written and signed request, electronic payment receipt number (for paper copies), and picture of your ID, to:

    Which schools accept official free electronic transcripts from Broward Schools?

    We can only send free, official electronic transcripts to these Colleges and Universities through the district's official transcript system:

    • Barry University
    • Brevard Community College
    • Broward College
    • Central Florida Community College
    • Chipola Junior College
    • Daytona Beach Community College
    • Daytona State College
    • Doral College
    • Edison Community College
    • FAMU
    • Florida Atlantic University
    • Florida Community College Jacksonville
    • Florida Gateway College
    • Florida Gulf Coast University
    • Florida Keys Community College
    • Florida International University
    • Florida Polytechnic University
    • Florida State University
    • Florida South Western State
    • Gulf Coast Community College (This is not FGCU)
    • Hillsborough Community College
    • Indian River State College
    • Johnson and Wales University
    • Keiser University
    • Lake-Sumter Comm College
    • Manatee Community College
    • Miami-Dade College
    • New College of Florida
    • North Florida Junior College
    • Northwest Florida State
    • Okaloosa-Walton Comm College
    • Palm Beach State College
    • Pasco-Hernando Comm
    • Pensacola Junior College
    • Polk Community College
    • Santa Fe Community College
    • Seminole State College
    • South Florida Junior College
    • State College of Florida
    • Stetson University
    • St. John’s River Comm. College
    • St. Petersburg Junior College
    • St. Thomas University
    • Tallahassee Community College
    • University of Central Florida
    • University of Florida
    • University of Miami
    • University of North Florida
    • University of South Florida
    • University of West Florida
    • Valencia Community College 

    Electronic transcripts take 3 school days to arrive at your school, so please check with them after that time to make sure they have been received. If they do not receive them in that time you can order paper copies of your transcripts.

    What if my question is not answered on this page?

    For any questions regarding transcripts, please email: