• Overview of Innovative Programs 

    Broward County Public Schools provides a vast selection of unique educational opportunities through magnet and innovative programs.  Students in elementary, middle, and high school may discover an enriching program that sparks their interests, talents or academic pursuits.  Each thematic program offers rigorous courses and real-world experiences that prepares students for college and careers. Explore our offering of a STEAM Innovative Program at Sheridan Hills Elementary School. Learn more about the Innovative Programs available and how to participate in Sheridan Hills Elementary's STEAM program at the Innovative Programs Department


    STEAM Graphic

    Here at Sheridan Hills Elementary School we do more than teach Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) basics; we teach our students to be confident coders and mastermind makers as they engineer unique projects that show what they know!  Sheridan Hills Elementary's innovative STEAM program puts a focus on technology literacy, coding, and robotics.  We use brilliant tools such as robots and engineering manipulatives to teach our students how to truly code and build projects independently... skills that will take them far in the 21st Century!


    We currently offer STEAM programming in Coding and Robotics.  Coding and Robotics allows students to learn using the 4 C's:  Critical thinking and problem solving, Collaboration, Communication, and Creativity.  Students learn how to build and code in teams and work on projects that allow them to drive their learning in a creative way and deepen their learning on a variety of STEAM topics.