Broward Sheriff's Office Program

  • Whiddon-Rogers Education Center is the agency of record which is designated to provide educational services in the four Broward Sheriff's Office Correctional Facilities. These facilities are: The Broward County Main Jail, Paul Rein Facility, Conte Facility, and North Broward Bureau. Each year the Broward County School Board and the Broward Sheriff's Office agree to certified standards of service, which offer inmates access to certified educational programs. This program affords inmates the opportunity to complete a Florida High Diploma through various skill appropriate programs. Inmates of varying security levels have access to state certified instructional and testing services. 


    Juvenile inmates are enrolled in their appropriate grade level.  They attend classes and earn credits needed for them to earn a high school diploma.  Students also have the opportunity to participate in FSA and EOC testing.


    Adult inmates may enroll in our GED program.  Teachers administer a placement test, and students are placed in the appropriate level curriculum for Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.  When they complete the coursework, students can take the GED exam and earn a high school diploma.  The Broward Sheriff's Office pays the program and GED fees.