• HS Update 9.25.20

    Hello Awesome ATC students,

    I’m guessing you have heard all the news about the return to campus for Broward County students. Just in case you haven’t, 9th grade students will be permitted back on school on October 14th with everyone else able to return on October 20th. There have also been changes to the school calendar, with a couple of early release days and a planning day added so teachers can prepare their rooms for the return. The new calendar should be released shortly.

    Now, you have to make the choice as to whether you want to be in the classroom for eLearning, or stay at home for eLearning. As I told you in the last message, the teachers will continue to use Canvas and Teams for their classes as they will have to be the teacher for both the in-person and online students. There may also be some teachers that will be granted an accommodation permitting them to continue teaching from home. If we have teachers that are doing that, the students coming to school will be with another teacher while being in the Canvas/Teams class with the scheduled teacher (I hope this makes sense).

    For everyone, we will return to the normal ATC school hours when on-campus instruction begins. For those who have forgotten, the school day will begin with first period at 7:05 and will end at 1:50. In my last message, I included a lot of details as to what the school day will look like. I will leave that one posted on the ATC High School Website under the “This Week at ATC”  link for an additional week in case you need to read it again before you and your parent make the decision to stay home or return. The survey is on your Clever page and it must be completed by Tuesday, September 29th. If you do not answer the survey the default is that you will remain home for eLearning, but even if that is your choice, please do the survey anyway so we will have more accurate data.

    I know many of you have numerous questions about the return to school. Our wonderful SGA team has been working on a Website to make sure all students, whether in school or at home, are able to stay involved with school happenings. I have asked them to include a communication form which will let the students submit questions and concerns. They will then create a Frequently Asked Questions page to send to me, I will answer the questions, and then get those FAQ’s to all of you. They hope to have the Website ready by next week and as soon as they send me the link, I will send it out to you.

    Remember, we have Monday off, so make sure you turn off your alarm or you’ll be all alone in your Teams room! I know a lot has happened in 2020 and you’re thinking “what else could go wrong?” Do a Google search for Holliston Balancing Rock; it’s just another thing for the 2020 slogan “what’s next?” – Heh, we all need to laugh!  Have a good weekend, stay safe, make good choices, and do the right thing.

    Until next time,

    Ms. LaPorte

    HS Update 9.18.20

    Hello Awesome ATC students,

    Well I’m sure you’ve heard the new that Broward is planning to reopen schools, possibly as early as October 5th! That means you all have an important decision to make with your family – to stay home and continue eLearning or come to the ATC campus and continue eLearning. Yes, that is correct. According to what I have heard, students will be doing eLearning regardless of location. We will be doing everything we can to keep those of you who choose to be on campus safe such as  limiting the amount of people in each classroom, as well as the Learning Commons and the cafeteria, which means we will possibly have to have multiple lunches. Everyone on campus must always wear a mask except when in the cafeteria eating and yes, you will be required to wear a uniform and have your ID on as there will also be adult students and others on the campus as always. I do not know much more than this. I recommend you watch as much of the School Board workshop as you can next Tuesday to get more information. It begins at 10:00 a.m. and will likely go into the late afternoon – the link is on the Broward County Public Schools Website.

    The decision is a little more difficult for juniors and seniors in Tech, particularly the seniors in some industrial, automotive, and culinary courses. The tech teachers are currently figuring out who will need to be on campus for hands-on activities in order to be program completers. For juniors, the decision will either be that students can stay 100% eLearning or in-school activities are recommended. For seniors, there will be some programs that in-school activities are required. If you are in one of those programs and cannot come into school, you will not be a program completer and will not be able to get an ATC Certificate of Completion. You will still graduate and get a diploma and you still may be able to earn an Industry Credential though. We have gotten approval for juniors and seniors to be home in eLearning for academics and in school for Tech, but you will need to provide the mid-day transportation. In other words, you can get a bus to school for juniors and home from school for seniors, but you will need to provide your own ride in between 2nd and 3rd periods. You will be given extra time for travel. Wow, that’s a lot to think about!

    A couple more things. Next week is Celebrate Freedom Week and your teachers will have some related activities in your classes. It is also the High School Voter Registration Drive, so those of you who are over 16 and eligible to pre-register to vote head to www.browardsoe.org/AtlanticTechHSLinks to an external site.and get it done!

    One activity that all schools are supposed to do is have a school-wide recitation of the introduction of the Declaration of Independence. I’d rather have you think about what it means:

    "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.  That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."

    Just think about what this means to you and what it should mean to those we have elected to our government, as well as the way we treat one another. I have always admired the behavior and attitude of our ATC students. You make me proud with the way you embrace DtRT and MGC. You look out for one another and lend a helping hand whenever possible. Don’t let the politics of the moment change this.

    Until next time,

    Ms. LaPorte


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