• Directions : Please click the link of your one of your Teachers that your child is assigned to for the homeroom to attened Microsoft teams meeting.

    ASD         Mrs. Ford    

    Kindergarten  Mrs Berry   Mrs. Robinson    Mrs Alvarez

    First Grade     Ms. Watson   Mrs. Diez    Ms. Delmonte  Mrs Francois

    Second Grade      Mrs. Himmelsbach    Mrs Hutchinson   Sultan Savage         Mrs. Williams          Mr. Colbert

     Third Grade     Ms. Nuriddin    Ms. Chandler    Mrs. Holt                          Mrs. Jackson          Mrs. Mateo-Foxx

     Fourth Grade   Motes      Mrs. Cassenelli   Mrs. Prospere                       Ms. Gayle        

    Fifth Grade    Mrs. Ortega       Mrs. Mayorga      Mrs. Bryant         Mr. Wilson