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  • Welcome to the Technical Resources section of our website!  We have compiled many resources to assist our school community should you encounter a technical issue.

  • How to Check Your Schedule

    Class schedule can be easily found using the Virtual Counselor link on your Clever dashboard.  The linked video will provide you a step-by-step tutorial.

    How to Check Your Schedule on Virtual Counselor

  • Lenovo N22 or N23 not able to see Comcast Router

    Problem: Families with Comcast internet service and who have a Lenovo N22 model given to them by their schools may not see their internet connection as an available network from those laptops.

    Solution: The way to resolve the issue is to access the internal configuration web page for the router (by default at and change a setting for the 2.4 GHz antenna band. Please note that this change cannot be made from the account settings portal.

    Walk through:

    1. Open web browser and type in
    2. Enter username and password (This is not the same as your WiFi password) if you don’t know it call Comcast 3. Go to Connection (on left)
    4. Go to WiFi (on left)
    5: Go to Mode: Click on dropdown menu and change from 802.11 g/n/ax to only
    802.11 g/n

    comcast router settings

    Easy method: Call Xfinity/Comcast support and tell them they need help with
    Changing the protocols on the wireless 2.4 GHz signal from 802.11 g/n/ax to only 802.11 g/n

    6. Click Save Settings at the bottom

  • Recommended Ways for Students to Log Into Teams

    Need help logging into Microsoft Teams?  Click here to view our How-To guide on connecting to live instructure as a student.

  • Clever and Canvas Support Information

    Tip: A lot of things work better with a simple restart of the laptop.  However, if that doesn't work, please try one of the options below.

     Clever/Password Technical Support

    BCPS Technical Support Line: Call 754-321-0569 (Temporarily Off-Line Until the Start of the School Year)

    Do not call the school for tech support - there won't be anyone available to help you.

     Canvas Support

    Canvas Help is always available and very easy to access! Review the following links for Canvas assistance: 

  • Language Support in Canvas

    Watch the Tutorial on How to Use the Immersive Reader

    You can use the immersive reader for text translations and support you in learning the vocabulary in a page on Canvas.

  • Microsoft Teams for Video Conferencing

    Microsoft Teams is the Live Conferencing Tool Used in Broward

    Daily Attendance:
    Teachers will have a link on their Canvas courses that will redirect students to Microsoft Teams.  Each day, the teacher will check in with each student, take attendance in Pinnacle, and go over the expectations and lesson for the day.  Your student needs to be on time to each class, every day (please refer to the bell schedule).


    Face to Face Interaction:
    Students will have some form of live interaction with their teacher every class period.  Classes will mirror the physical lesson structure which has time for group collaboration and independent practice.  Depending on the teaching model the teacher employs for the day, students may interact with the teacher through live lecture, small group practice, one on one assessment, socratic seminar, etc.  Teachers have the autonomy to craft their lesson structure to best suit the demands of their lesson or project.  


    Parent Disclaimer:
    In order for students to have a safe space in their virtual classroom, we highly discourage parents and families from sitting in on their child's live sessions. We want students to feel as connected to a physical classroom as possible, and develop a child's self-advocacy and autonomy in the classroom space is part of the important development process.

  • Personal Technology System Recommendations

    Below are some recommendations if you choose to use your personally owned digital device:

    Windows - Windows 10 Version 1709 or newer with the latest version of Chrome Web Browser installed.
    Apple - macOS Version 10.13 (High Sierra) or newer with the latest version of Chrome Web Browser installed.
    *Adobe Flash will also need to be installed as some of our legacy textbooks still utilize this technology.

    It is recommended that users install the Clever Browser Extension on either Chrome or Firefox to help resolve password and login issues when participation in eLearning.
    Clever Browser Extension Download Link:

    Using Microsoft Teams from the web browser sometimes causes audio related issues.  It is recommened that if you are using a person device to download the Microsoft Teams desktop application.
    Teams Desktop Application Download Link:

Improving Student Passwords

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.