Open House
  • Click Here to Enter HMHS Virtual Open House Portal

    Welcome students and parents!

    We are so excited and honored that you have joined us for the 2020-2021 school year! 

    In order to access the Virtual Open House content, you will need to have your child's 10 digit 06 student ID # and their active directory password. This is the same information required each day as your child logs onto the CANVAS and TEAMS platforms to participate in their classes daily. Please take a moment to gather this information before moving ahead. 

    Sign-in Example( 10 digit 06 student ID#): 0612345678

    Active Directory Password Example (Capital P + student birthday WITH slashes included): P02/10/2003

    Open House Format

    Step 1: Gather Sign-in and Password information

    Step 2: Click the link above to gain access to the Virtual Open House which is housed on the CANVAS platform

    Step 3: Click Blue "Enroll in Course" button

    Step 4: Click Blue "Go to Course" button

    Step 5: Watch the Open House Welcome Video

    Step 6: Follow your child's schedule to view welcome information for each of your child's teachers.

    A. Click on your child's Guidance Counselor link 

     B. Click on each department link below the video

       C. Click on your child's teacher and course to view

    D. Return to the Open House Canvas Home page to choose the next department & teacher


    It's always a GREAT day to be CHARGER!