•  HOPE Club of Coral Springs

    Sponsor: Darren Weiss (darren.weiss@browardschoolsc.om)

    Club Officers:

    President: Kimora Walker

    Vice-President: Rashad Pierre

    Secretary: Thaima Francois

    Treasurer: Stephanie Gomez

    Mission:  The HOPE club (Helping Overcome Problems Effectively) is a SBBC approved organization with its main aim being to prevent suicide in young people (especially teenagers/students).

    Meeting Times: HOPE meets one day per month from 3pm-4pm in Room 613

    Dues: $15 per school

    Membership: Any currently enrolled student at Coral Springs High School may become a member of the HOPE club, yet he/she may not partake in all of the club activities unless the full amount of yearly dues are paid.

    Activities: HOPE sponsors a walk towards the end of the year at a location to be determined for charity ; community service hours may be offered depending upon time/decision of club officers.