• Coral Springs High School Robotics Club

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Coral Springs High School Robotics Club is to inspire students to pursue science, technology, engineering and math careers; to engage students in collaboration of designing and building a robot which can carry out certain tasks by remote control and autonomous functionality, and to build their higher-order critical thinking, logic reasoning, problem solving, organizational, and team work skills. The club is open to students with or without engineering and programming experience.

     Sponsor Information

    Dr. Wang

    Room 1138

    Email: changlong.wang@browardschools.com


    1. President: TBA

    2. Vice-President: TBA

    3. Secretary: TBA

    4. Treasurer: TBA

    5. Materials Manager: TBA

     Meeting Dates and Location

    Bi-weekly Fridays 3:20-4:00 Virtual meeting at:


    Club Pertinent Information

    Members will be informed of upcoming club meetings, activities, events and deadlines by Remind messages. To sign up for Remind, text @robotcshs to 81010

    Membership Criteria

    While no experience is required to join, students must

    1. bring interest, curiosity and appreciation of robotics and STEM-related activities,

    2. be willing to take risks, fail, and learn new skills.

    · Club Requirements

    Club membership is maintained by

    1. attending a minimum of one full meeting each month;

    2. communicating absences in advance by notifying the sponsor, team captain, or secretary with a valid reason such as family or medical emergency, prior commitment, etc.;

    3. being productively and fully engaged while present;

    · Dues

    Dues will not be collected at this time.

    · Traditional Events/Patronages

    The club will enter VEX Robotics Competition 2020-21 that requires robots to complete various tasks, such as grabbing, moving and sorting objects.

    · Benefits of Membership

    By participating in the Robotics club, students get opportunities to:

    1. Design, build, and program robots.

    2. Apply real world math and science concepts.

    3. Develop problem solving, organizational, and team building skills.

    4. Compete and cooperate in alliances at tournaments.