School Activities/Clubs

  • Safety Patrols

    Safety Patrols are pre selected in the fourth grade at the end of the school year.

    To be a safety patrol:

    • You must be a 5th Grader with C's or above on your report card and no 3's.
    • You must have a good attendance record with few tardys. 
    • You also need your classroom teacher's approval.

    Some of the responsibilities of our safety patrols include:

    • Having posts around our school.
    • Helping to remind students of our school rules if they forget such as walk at all times, keep hands, feet and unkind words to yourself.
    • Safety Patrols also help with special events at our school.

    For further information contact Cindy Bronco 754-322-6100


    (both boys & girls)

    RISE, or Raising Individual Student Expectations, was established in 2012 by our school's Assistant Principal, Drew Gerlach as a club for 4th and 5th grade male students at DBES. Starting with a small group of young men, the goal of the club was to teach academic and life skills aimed at developing positive, responsible students ready for middle school and life. 

    Over the past three years, the club has grown from a group of 12 to a large club of 40 young men.  

    The “RISE Team” will have two main objectives:

    • To develop young men/ladies with confidence, methods to communicate, positive decision-making skills, & respect

    • To create students with life-long learning skills (ex. responsibility, organization, etc.) that will be applied at the elementary, middle, high, and college level.

    The club will consist of different elements not limited to guest lectures, academic practice (reading/math), sports, team building activities, character lessons, and organization.  Each week students will have a variety of enjoyable and engaging activities that will always concentrate on developing positive, confident, responsible young men and ladies. 

    Deerfield Beach Elementary Percussion Club

    Would you like your child to discover musical gifts and talents that are hidden inside them? Would you like them to have access to fun experiences that lead to building more self-confidence? Would you like for your child to benefit from the discipline of being a musician? Let them become a member of the DBES Percussion Club! The DBES Percussion Club meets every Tuesday after school from 2:00 to 4:00pm. We are extremely fortunate to have a professional musician/instructor from the Florida Youth Orchestra to run this program. “Music STEPS,” is an initiative that gives each child, “a unique opportunity to learn a musical instrument free of charge. Many of these students have gone on to enter performing arts middle and high schools.” Our Percussion Club recently performed for the very first time on our home stage! We are very proud of them!