• Tesing Information Updated on 4/30/2021

    District Guidance as a result of Emergency Order 2021-EO-02 specific to middle schools:
    Testing is not canceled, however several consequences of not taking the state test are waived through this emergency order. The English Language Arts and Mathematics Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) is not required for promotion in any middle school classes. These assessments are used for placement in classes the following year at the middle school-level, but will be replaced by teacher recommendations and/or school-based math and reading programs this year.

    End-of-Course 30% criteria is waived.  EOC exam scores are expected to be released by July 31st.  The calculation for the 30% final grade will come from the calculation outlined below: 

    1. Middle School EOC End of Year Grade Calculation for the 30% (Civics EOC). The student's final grade will be calculated by averaging the 4 quarter grades.
      2. High School EOC End of Year Grade Calculation for the 30% (Algebra, Geometry, Biology)

    - If the student earns a minimum grade of a C in the 4th quarter, then the EOC exam grade, which is 30% of the final grade, will be calculated by using the highest letter grade of the four quarters.  
    - If the student does not earn a minimum grade of a C in the 4th quarter, then the EOC exam grade, which is 30% of the final grade, will be calculated by using the higher of the 3rd or 4th quarter letter grade. 


    Notes for middle and high school EOCs: 
    1. The intent of the system outlined above is to benefit students that remain engaged throughout the 4th quarter. Once the student's EOC exam scores come back, if the grade calculated with the EOC exam would be higher than the calculated grade given (see above), then the student’s final grade will be adjusted to that higher grade. We will give the student the "best benefit".
    2. Students not able to take a high school EOC this school year will not be required to take those the EOCs in future years.  However, students who do not take the Algebra 1 EOC this year, or students who did not take the Algebra EOC last year, will have to earn a passing score on a future Algebra or Geometry EOC or a concordant score for high school graduation.

    1. Students wishing to earn a Scholar Designation for high school graduation will still need passing scores on the Geometry and Biology or equivalent AP or IB exam. 

    Promotion/Retention decisions:
    Policy 6000.1 outlines the promotion criteria for each grade level. All available options should be exhausted prior to consideration of retention. Decisions about whether it is in the best interest of a child to repeat a grade must be solely for academic reasons and determined at the local level by the school's principal, after a careful review of the student's academic record, with input from the parents, the student, teachers and school leaders. 


    The links to the District’s testing site, FDOE emergency order, FDOE presentation, and recording are provided below:


    Per the Florida Department of Education (FDOE), no remote administrations are available for any statewide summative assessments. The Florida Department of Education (DOE) requires all students to be present during the testing window to participate in the assessment. Therefore, all students present on any testing or make-up testing days will be required to sit for the assessment. Furthermore, unlike some states, Florida has no "opt-out" policy for state assessments used as the required measures of student achievement for Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015. Students not in attendance on the day of their test(s) will be marked absent and standard absence reporting procedures will be in effect. The final determination of whether a student is in attendance on their scheduled testing day remains with the parent/guardian(s).

    Please read the grade level letter for additonal information and guidelines for the FSA and EOC Assessments. 

    6th Grade Letter

    7th Grade Letter

    8th Grade Letter

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