• Mission Statement

    The GMS Horizons Academy pledges to provide a safe and welcoming environment for our students before and after school hours. The academy also believes in providing opportunities for academic and social achievement in our students. We inspire our student to be lifelong learners, encourage their creative expression, and build their sense of self-confidence. Through the infusion of cooperative team building, increasing engagement in our community, and making positive contributions to the world around them

  • Hours Of Operation

    Sunrise Beforecare Hours are 7am-9am

    Sunset Aftercare Hours are 4pm-6pm

  • Program Outline

    Each day features a dinner, homework time, physical activity time, and/or an enrichment activity.

    Homework Assistance- Homework time is an important part of each day. Our staff dedicates a set portion of the daily schedule to ensuring kids get the help they need.

    Project-Based Learning - At each level of development, whether working on their own or in teams, we teach our students to solve problems by asking questions, utilizing their own skills and learning new ones.  Students are constantly engaging in activities which can benefit themselves and their communities.

    Social-Emotional Learning. Our activities are geared towards providing our students with a framework of skills from which they can set and achieve goals, show empathy for others, build positive relationships, and make good decisions.

    Structured Physical Activity Time- Included in each day’s schedule (weather permitting) are inclusive activities for all students. These group activities build teamwork and cardiovascular health. Study after study has shown the value and importance of PLAY for our physical, social, emotional, and academic development.

    Club Choices- Glades Middle School offers a variety of clubs both before and after school.