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    Anti-Bullying Policy

    To prevent and intervene with bullying, BCPS uses a multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) imbedded in the Response to Intervention (RtI) model to ensure the violence prevention and intervention strategies are delivered in increasingly higher intensity, as school, staff, and student needs dictate. BCPS also provides a list of approved Bullying Prevention Curriculum Programs to be used both school-wide and in the classroom.

    The Code Book of Student Conduct

    The Code of Student Conduct, Policy 5.8, provides specific information regarding the rules that all students are expected to adhere to, as well as consequences for violations. Important among these rules are consistent and timely attendance, respect for people and property, appropriate dress, technology usage, student publications, student activities, student records and the right to appeal, including grievance procedures. The School Board of Broward County, Florida, approves and affirms its support of the Code of Student Conduct, Policy 5.8. 

    Discipline Matrix

    The Discipline Matrix is a tool for administrators to respond appropriately when students have committed serious violations, per the Code of Student Conduct. This tool is designed to offer consistency at all levels across the District so that students are disciplined fairly from school to school when their behavior requires punishment beyond the classroom. There are four different versions of the Matrix which assign interventions and consequences for the following grade levels (updated 10/17/19):

    The Matrix is designed to assist you and your child in understanding the consequences of seriously violating school rules.  While most parents will have no need to be familiar with the Matrix, the School Board and the District want to ensure that parents are knowledgeable about the actions of its school administrators when students misbehave.  The Matrix enables administrators to assign consequences consistently, regardless of the school your child attends.