Positive Behavioral Support

  • Bright Horizons School continues to implement Positive Behavioral Support

    (PBS), which is a systemic approach to teaching appropriate behaviors, as well as proactively working with challenging behaviors. The system is composed of a four-tiered model that includes a school-wide system, non-classroom components, a classroom system, and individual support. Each of the components are connected and inter-related; thereby, providing a continuum of services to support students’ and adults’ behavioral needs.


    An additional feature of the system is that we have a commitment to training, as well as school-wide, family and community involvement. Staff and family members are encouraged to continue comprehensive training in many aspects of the education and treatment of all individuals. In addition, school, family and community members are encouraged to participate in each of the levels of support, so as to create a set of environments that are responsible and consistent.


    Finally, PBS is a data driven system. Its continued development is based on empirically validated methods of teaching, expected behaviors and working with problem behaviors.

    As a result, objective information will be continuously gathered on a regular basis to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan at Bright Horizons School.