• Welcome,

    We look forward to interacting with your child/children, and to doing our very best to ensure their learning environment is a safe and healthy one  Our Guidance Department is a very important part of student support services, helping students in the areas of relationship building, problem-solving, decision making, confidence building, development of good study habits, among a host of other services.  In short, we are here to help you, as parents/guardians, and to serve our student population to the best of our ability, our desired goal being to help with the development of well rounded individuals.  We stand by our motto, "Guidance + Kids = Student Success."

    Please remember you are always welcome to come in, or call with any concerns you may have.  Also, "Guidance Requests" for services are available on the counter in the front office. Additionally, if you need special assistance for yourself or your child, we are linked through our Social Worker and School Psychologist to numerous community resources.  For more information visit:  Student Services


     Please don't hesitate to make your concerns be known.  The Guidance door is always open.


    Joy Solomon, Guidance Counselor