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    March 30, 2020


    Dear Challenger Families,

    Good Day to all, not just our students, but as well our Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Foster Parents, Aunts, Uncles…everyone charged with the responsibility of taking care of loved ones, of all ages, and vulnerabilities. It’s been a very stressful [past] few weeks. We have all been impacted, in one way or another, by the events of the past weeks, and needless to say, we could all use a distraction from the chaos and anxiety. Our lives have been disrupted in numerous ways, and we have all had to find ways to cope, with the effects of what has been a very scary period in all our lives. In addition to taking care of ourselves, and families, we face the daunting task of comforting, and reassuring those around us, while we ourselves try to deal with the impact.

    As your school family, we are here to support and help you as much as we can. This week, our teachers [and students] will return to academic activities, albeit not in the traditional sense, but schoolwork nonetheless. We will not be back at school physically, however, we will resume schoolwork. Here at Challenger, we look forward to welcoming our students back to the learning environment, even though in a non-traditional way.   

    You will already have been briefed on how to access our virtual activities, and we will be relying on you [parents…] to ensure your students take this very seriously, embrace this new method of continued learning, and as well the opportunity to focus attention on something more enlightening, and uplifting. We will be relying on you all to help us make this work, as it is important for students to continue the learning process, even in the face of all that’s happening around us. Your participation, and encouragement will be critical in ensuring the success of this process, and we look forward to your usual support.

    In the meanwhile, as we wait for life as we knew it, to resume what we would consider normalcy, let’s all remember a few other very important points.

    • We are all in this together, let us collaborate, and take the initiative in reminding others around us, especially our students, of the importance of following the safety directives of the professionals. We desperately need to do all that’s necessary to stay safe and healthy, and to reinforce this with others.
    • Let’s try to spread some joy, in an attempt to lift the spirits of those who are more stressed than ourselves. If we preoccupy ourselves with the positives, we can’t help but pass it on to others, if even just a few.
    • Parents, encourage your students to get involved with a hobby, chore, or some activity at home [if not already doing so]. It’s a great way to distract from the anxiety.
    • Talk to them honestly about what is happening. They understand much more than we think sometimes, and they will be more inclined to do what is necessary to stay safe, maybe even help others to do the same.
    • Identify some form of physical exercise for students to do [and yourselves as well], whether inside your home, in the backyard, on the patio, wherever. It’s important to keep physically fit.
    • Encourage healthy eating habits, a big part of maintaining a physically fit and healthy body.
    • Lastly, please constantly remind them of the importance, of not feeding just their bodies, but also their minds. Make sure they are logging on, to participate in continued learning, and outside of this, engaging in other activities at home, like reading, fun and games, those that stimulate positive thoughts, and interactions.

    I will be posting on the school website during this period. Please check regularly to find words of encouragement, for sharing with your student/s, which I hope will help everyone within your household, as we all navigate our way through this period. Help us to help you all through this.

    As usual, we rely a great deal on your support at home, and even more so now, with this new process of learning. As much as we can, let us try to keep everyone’s mind occupied with positives during this period. Students need the support of us all, now more than ever. Also, remember that you can always email me with any questions/concerns you may have. My door [in this case email], remains open, and I look forward to supporting you whenever it’s possible for me to do so. Please feel free to email me at joy.solomon@browardschools.com. I will be checking my emails on a daily basis.

    Kindest regards, much love to all our students, and please stay safe and healthy.


    Joy Solomon

    Certified School Counselor

    Challenger Elementary School