About Art

  •     At Challenger Elementary I follow a comprehensive art curriculum for kindergarten through fifth grade.  I also promote visual thinking and early mark making with my pre-K students!  Challenger’s art program is based on learning the basic elements of art and principles of design, and then building upon that knowledge through various art projects.  We also do community projects such as cards for our Veterans, posters for animals in need, and signs for upcoming school events.

        Art techniques, experimenting with a variety of media, art history, other cultures, artists, and math and science connections are just some of the things that are integrated into the art projects that your child will create here at Challenger.  Critical thinking, application of skills, and prior knowledge are also necessary components to the making of art.

        Donations of any kind are always welcomed in the art room!  Sharpies, zip lock baggies, classic markers, sponges, crayons, erasers, baby wipes, disposable gloves, and even #2 pencils. Everything gets used up and I’ll take anything you want to donate!  Thanks in advance.

        I look forward to a rewarding and exciting school year with your child!!


    Ms. Doherty,                                                                                                       

     Art teacher