• Challenger Elementary Music Program

    The music program at Challenger Elementary School includes a rich curriculum for children of all grades. Students are given opportunities to sing, dance, play instruments, act, create and compose music, all of which are skills that support the Sunshine State Standards for Music. Academic skills, (including math, social studies, science and language arts), and life skills (including character education and self-esteem) are also addressed in the music classes.

    Kindergarten students begin by learning the elements of music and applying these elements to the songs they sing and play. First and second grade students take these elements to a higher degree, and include performance, improvisation and music literacy. Third grade students receive formal lessons on the recorder, a renaissance instrument resembling the flute. Fourth graders learn the guitar, and fifth grade students, the violin. All students will receive keyboard instruction through the use of Yamaha MIE, the school's keyboard lab. Children learn by doing; and what wonderful opportunities Challenger students have in the field of music!

    In addition to the general music classes, we have the Challenger Chorus, which consists of selected fifth grade students who love to sing, and express their joy through this valuable extra-curricular club. Moreover, there is the Recorder Club, for "the serious musicians" -- third, fourth and fifth grade students who work very hard and practice regularly. Most of these children go on to continue their music careers in middle school. There are several opportunities for these students to perform on stage throughout the year.

    In conclusion, studies prove that children who play a musical instrument experience increased brain function, read better, and earn higher scores in standardized reading and math tests. In view of this information, we encourage all families to support school music, as we do at Challenger Elementary School, providing quality music instruction for everyone.