Emergency Information

  • Emergency Codes

    We have many codes that signal a particular type of emergency and what to do. The Plantation Fire and Police Departments worked with us to develop our procedures. Here are the codes used:

    • BLACK - Bomb Threat. Depending on the information and location, students may or may not be evacuated.
    • ORANGE - Evacuate the building due to strange odor or unsafe situation.
    • YELLOW - Lockdown. Only the school's Safe Team may move about campus.
    • RED - Lockdown. Only the police may move about campus.
    • BLUE - Medical emergency. Call 911

    Practice Drills

    Plantation schools will meet with fire and police representatives to conduct tabletop drills to prepare for emergency situations. A date will be scheduled during this meeting for CPE to practice a Code Red or Code Yellow drill with the fire and police here to observe and give us feedback. We will notify parents with a phone link call as to the week the drill will occur.  In addition to our required drill with local fire and police that we do annually, we will be doing a code red practice drill each month with our staff and students.

    Safe Team

    The school's Safe Team consists of the Principal, Assistant Principal, Office Manager, Data Processor, Head Custodian and Counselor. We meet regularly to review scheduled or unscheduled drills and discuss procedures. All Safe Team members have received special training on Emergency Preparedness.

    Fire Drills

    Schools conduct at least 10 drills a year. Classrooms have primary and secondary routes for exit. Drills happen at different times of the day and throughout the year.  We practice "thinking on your feet" scenarios in which a typical route might be blocked. Hopefully, parents are also practicing fire drills at home. Every home needs an escape route and a meeting place.