Student Government Association

  • Blanche Ely High School

    Student Government Association (SGA)

    Connie McGirt and Simeka Love, Advisor

    Preamble:  SGA

    We the students of Blanche Ely High School, in order to develop democratic ideals, to teach respect, to maintain high standards of cooperation, loyalty and school spirit, to prepare for adult life and citizenship, to encourage all worthwhile activities in school and to help students prepare for their career, do establish this student association.


    Executive Board:

    President: Juliette Jusme

    1st Vice President: Jackalyn Matthews

    2nd Vice President: TBA

    Co secretary: TBA

    CO Secretary : TBA

    Treasure: TBA

    Historian: TBA

    Parliamentarian: TBA


    Student Government Association Application my be downloaded HERE

    Service Projects:

    Humane Society project, Wacky olympics, Environment project, January/February food drive, Holiday cards for veterans


    Homecoming, Lunch Time Activities, Pep Rallies, Staff Appreciation, Black History events, Penny Wars, Mr. and Miss BEHS Pageant