How to access your Interim Report, Report Card, Test Scores and Student Class Schedule

  • Virtual Counselor Parent Instructions

    Virtual Counselor is an excellent tool that is available on the Broward Schools website. This innovative feature allows parents and their children to see the student's school records, from course grades to recent test scores to attendance records. It allows parents to keep up with their children's progress at school on a daily basis - without ever lifting the telephone. Virtual Counselor is an ideal tool because parents can use it whenever they have the chance, they don't have to make an appointment or take time out of their workday to make a phone call. It’s accessible by logging onto the District's website ( After a few simple clicks, parents can access grades, attendance records, test scores, class ranks and much more. To view a demo of Virtual Counselor and get a user ID and password, please visit: If a parent finds something out of the ordinary, they can then schedule an appointment with the school’s guidance counselor.

  • Directions on How to Access Virtual Counselor: (You will need your child's FSI / Student number)

    1. Visit:
    2. Click on “LOGlN AS: PARENT”. The Parent Login screen will appear.
    3. Go to: "If you don't have a user ID". Click on the “CLICK HERE” link.
    4. The POLlCY AGREEMENT screen will come up. Click “CONTlNUE”
    5. The "Virtual Counselor System" screen will come up. Read the information and then click “CONTINUE”.
    6. The "Parent ID User Request Form" will appear. Enter all of the requested information. Information entered must be the original information provided in your child’s school records (TERMS). ** DO NOT ENTER recently changed numbers or information, UNLESS you have informed the school and they have had time to update this information.
    7. A User ID will be given. It will begin with a “G”.
    8. You will be asked to create a password MAKE SURE to write down this information for future reference, as you will need it each time you access the site.
    9. You will be prompted to click “GO ON”. You may view a Virtual Counselor Demonstration on the site as well.
  • How to log in to view your Interim or Report Card:

    • Navigate to (Broward's Single Sign-on for Students)
    • Log in with your child's 10-digit FSI # (0600000000)
    • The password is your child's date of birth: MM/DD/YYYY
    • From the Clever Launchpad, click Virtual Counselor
    • Once logged in, there will be a link on the main page that says, "Student Interim Report" or "Marking Period Grades." Click on the link to view your child's grades. You can view their information by selecting "Student Interim Report" and/or "Marking Period Grades" underneath the Student Info. Menu tab.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Access to virtual counselor is based upon address, phone numbers and other information provided on your child’s initial registration form and annually updated emergency contact forms. User ids and passwords for virtual counselor are based upon accurate data. It is important to notify the school IMT if there are any changes to your child’s address, phone numbers, or other statistical information. If you experience trouble logging on to Virtual Counselor, contact the school’s IMT to verify the student’s correct information is in the District computer.