School Policies


    We, the faculty and staff of Endeavour Primary Learning Center, have a commitment to excellence.  We believe that with the cooperation of parents, teachers, school staff, and the community, we can provide opportunities for children to reach their full potential and be prepared to meet the challenges of a diverse and rapidly changing society.


    Support and follow the Broward County Public Schools’ missions and priorities.

    Facilitate learning by providing a progression of skills which incorporate developmental placement, mastery of basic skills and flexible teaching techniques and materials that provide for all students’ learning styles.

    Encourage student involvement and participation in all school programs.

    Maintain a secure environment for everyone’s safety and welfare.

    Encourage school involvement from businesses, organizations and residents of the community.

    Encourage professionalism at all levels and provide training for teachers and staff in creative teaching technique.

    Utilize technology to motivate and enhance students’ learning skills and incorporate real-life situations into the curriculum.