School Policies


    Most students live within a two-mile radius of the school and therefore do not meet state criteria for bus transportation. If a student's behavior creates a problem or hazard in the safe operation of the bus by its driver, the principal will deprive said student of bus riding privileges in accordance with the district discipline matrix. If the behavior is willful and/or frequent, a recommendation will be made to remove the disruptive student from further bus transportation. During a period of bus suspension or expulsion, parents must provide transportation to and from school.

    The driver's main responsibility is to transport the students safely to and from school. He/she needs the cooperation of students, teachers, and parents if he/she is to accomplish this.

    Bus schedules will be provided annually to eligible students.


    Fire Drills: Fire drills at regular intervals are required by law and are an important safety precaution. The alarm is a pulsating horn. It is essential that when the first signal is given, everyone responds promptly. Students are to follow their teacher's instructions and clear the building by the prescribed route as quickly as possible. Students should refrain from noise and remain outside the building until the signal to return to class is given.

    Tornado Drills: As with fire drills, tornado drills are an important safety precaution. A series of short rings of the bell or fire alarm signals a tornado drill. Students are to follow their teacher's instructions and to move to their assigned area in an orderly fashion and crouch in the proper position.


    In rare instances, the Superintendent must close all schools or dismiss students earlier than usual due to an emergency situation, such as severe weather. School authorities will use local radio and television to inform the public about an emergency school closing or early dismissal. You can prepare for such an emergency by working out an emergency plan with your child. Be sure your child understands where to go in the event of an early dismissal. An emergency dismissal form must be completed for each student and kept on file by your child's teacher and office. It is the parent's responsibility to be certain that this information is kept up to date and that their child knows what to do in the event of an emergency dismissal. A new form will need to be filled out each year and as often as the plan for your child changes.


    Students are expected to be in school from bell to bell. Early dismissal should be avoided. No child will be released from school between 1:30 and 2:00 PM without administrative approval. We ask parents to make doctor and dental appointments after school hours whenever possible. Only a parent/guardian or persons listed on the school emergency form are permitted to sign out students. For security reasons, we do not accept telephone requests or notes from parents to release a student from school. They must be picked up by a parent/guardian. Time missed from school due to early sign-outs is recorded in the attendance database.


    Parents must list the names of persons who are allowed to pick-up their child(ren) from school on the School Emergency Form. In order for a student to leave the school, they must be signed out on the sign-out log in the main office. No one is permitted to leave the school without getting permission from office personnel. Students will only be released to a parent/guardian and individuals that are listed on the Emergency Release Form after proper photo identification verification has been checked.


    Emergency information forms will be given to all students at the beginning of the year. There must be an emergency information sheet completed and on file in the school's office for every student.

    If you move during the school year, please bring two new proofs of residency (utility bill, contract, lease, license, etc.) to the front office so your records can be updated. Also, notify the school office of any change of address, home or work telephone numbers, or place of employment. It is imperative that we have the most recent phone numbers on file in case we need to contact you for an illness or emergency.


    School discipline and student conduct will be maintained through application of the School Board approved STUDENT CONDUCT AND DISCIPLINE CODE, and the District Discipline Matrix. Please take time to review these items with your children. It is important that you take the time to discuss and explain any questions they might have regarding rules and expectations pertaining to their school life.

    Most students know what good conduct is and how to attain it. It simply means behaving as a young lady or gentleman at all times. Students who are able to follow school rules and regulations will enjoy school and will be considered good school citizens. Cooper City Elementary promotes character education through its Lifelong Social Skills Program.

    Students are under the supervision of several teachers during the day. Each will have his/her own requirements and students should learn these and abide by them. The teacher may handle minor disciplinary problems with private conferences, corrective assignments, make-up work, home phone calls, etc. For excessive violations, the student will receive a referral to the Support Team or Administration.


    Much of the spirit and reputation of a school is reflected by its appearance. Cooper City Elementary has always had the reputation for being a clean school. We would like to maintain that reputation. This takes effort. Every student needs to do their part by making sure their wrappers and waste papers are deposited in the trash containers provided. Vandalism will not be tolerated. Respect for school property is expected at all times.


    All pets, playthings, large sums of money, beepers, electronic games, head phones, CD’s and other items not school related are not permitted unless requested by the child’s teacher for a classroom activity. Cell phones are permitted but must be turned off and stored out of sight.


    Students will not have access to the office telephones for personal calls, except in an emergency and with staff permission. In the event a student receives a telephone call, he/she will be called out of class only in case of an emergency.


    Any student who possesses a weapon or intentionally sells, possesses, gives, uses, or is under the influence of illicit drugs, narcotics or alcohol in or on school property, including buses, shall be (l) suspended and/or expelled from school and (2) reported to the appropriate law enforcement agencies for possible legal action. See Code of Student Conduct for further information on this subject.


    A lost and found area is maintained in the cafeteria. It would be helpful to place your child’s name, grade, and teacher’s name in all attire and lunch boxes. We will purge items in the lost and found area quarterly. Articles that are not claimed will be given to a charitable organization.


    School safety patrols, called Youth Crime Watch, are on duty on the school grounds before and after school to assist with safety on campus. Youth Crime Watch members perform an important service to the school and deserve the recognition and respect of students and adults. Grade 4 and 5 students participate in this program.