Reading Programs


    Here at Country Hills, we have a culture of reading, knowing that it is a valuable key to future success.  Therefore, we encourage our students to read and celebrate all their accomplishments when they do read and document it.  We have a variety of reading programs that run throughout the school year and finish at the end of March/beginning of April.  Additionally, we have wonderful celebrations where each class is honored for their reading accomplishments. 

    In May, students are awarded certificates and medals for their hard work throughout the year.  

    For a student to receive a medal/certificate, they show that they are reading in a variety of ways:

      **Reading Across Broward (students can earn a medal and a certificate) – students must have their books logged into Beanstack.  K-2 must have 100 picture books logged.  3-5 must have 50 chapter books logged. Each child must also have 5 award winning books logged under their activity section.

    The downloadable app, Beanstack Tracker, is available for your smart phone! Their student number is their log in.  Password is the child’s birthday XXXXXX (2 digits for month, 2 digits for day, 2 digits for year [use only the last two digits]) No slashes are necessary. **If you don’t log out, it will always be ready for you to add books! 😊  Add books by clicking on the plus sign at the upper right corner.  You can scan the ISBN number and most books will add immediately!  If the system doesn’t know the book, you just need to enter the name and the last page number. **Make sure to mark each book as "complete" for it to show up on your log. 

    If you’re more comfortable on a computer, I have information on the main page of our website ( and under departments/Media Center that show you how to log into our Single Sign On and document your child's reading with Beanstack.

    **Read-A-Thon (ALL students can earn an additional certificate) – During the month of October, we ask students to document their reading and, if possible, donate monetarily towards our reading celebrations.  Minutes and donations are due November 1st.  One class from K-2 and one from 3-5 will earn an ice cream party for the most minutes read!

    **Sunshine State Young Readers (3 -5 grade students can earn "brag tags" for each book read) – Each year there are 15 books to read.  If a child reads three of the books and documents them in Beanstack, under activities, he/she can vote for their favorite book! Additionally, after each book read, we will have a list of Teacher Readers that students can meet with for a short discussion.  These Teacher Readers will sign of that the student has read the book and the students will come see me for a "brag tag"!  

    If you have any questions about any of our reading programs, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

    Mrs. Cuadra